KAM: Australia’s favourite Pie Warmer

KAM: Australia’s favourite Pie Warmer

The KAM brand has always been synonymous with quality and reliability, so it is no wonder it fits seamlessly into its new home at Carlyle Bakery and Hospitality Equipment.

Now made in Melbourne, the KAM Pie warmer has the capacity to hold up to 240 standard meat pies and boasts precise thermostat control, ensuring each product is maintained at an optimal serving temperature range of between 60-70°C.

Its robust and sleek stainless-steel construction, coupled with improved air circulation and removable wire shelves, promises durability and easy maintenance, a must for every busy bakery, café, or canteen.

Designed and manufactured with practical clear poly carbonate rear swing doors, Carlyle offers the choice of customising the front of your KAM with a fixed solid (double glazed) glass front or convenient self-serve sliding glass doors.

If you are searching for the perfect Pie Warmer, look no further than the KAM.

Available in two models, KAM 6 and KAM 8.

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