DAUB: Quality, versatile, and effective

DAUB: Quality, versatile, and effective

Moffat’s extensive experience in the bakery world has resulted in a range of machines they offer that delivers an optimal blend of product quality, operational versatility, and cost effectiveness.

The DAUB range consists of dough dividers, divider rounders, moulders, and bread slicers, all designed to contribute to the efficiency of the bakery trade.

It is well known for its hydraulic system for the highest accuracy and quiet operation and reduces the pressure on the dough to retain the dough structure in soft doughs. The operation is simple with one touch buttons and an operating indication light.

Teflon coating is applied to the steel dividing disc with stainless steel knives. This aids in a more accurate distribution of dough and keeping the dividing disc easily cleaned.

To learn more about our DAUB range of equipment, contact Moffatt.

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