Viral croissant hybrid lands on Aussie shores

Viral croissant hybrid lands on Aussie shores

Le crookie—the croissant and cookie hybrid pastry has landed in Australia after circulating the internet. The TikTok sensation was first developed in a bakery in Paris by Stéphane Louvard and has since circulated the globe with many bakeries replicating the sweet treat.

Baker and owner of Tonton in Surry Hills, Sydney, Adrien Chrunyk has started selling the viral sensation in his store. When speaking to The Guardian, Adrien said it was bringing in a whole new wave of business to the bakery.

“We saw it was a banger in Paris… we decided to do the same,” he said.

“[Customers] come especially to take pictures and videos, and they don’t buy anything else, they just ask ‘do you have le crookie?’.”

Many pastry purists flat out refuse to make the dessert remaining true to a croissants truest form. For other bakers they have embraced the trend and creation openly. While it may seem like a simple throw together, Adrien had said there was a little more to it than simply combining the two items.

“It is a very delicate product, a very technical product,” he said to The Guardian.

“You have to take care of temperature of the butter, you take so much time for the product to be nice, and then you bake it… Then you squash it with a cookie and put it in the oven?”

Le Crookie is slowly making its way across bakeries in Australia with more and more bakers picking up the trend. Keep an eye out for it in your local specialty bakery.

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