Edible bugs: When foe becomes food

Edible bug foe food

Consumers can now up their protein intake without increasing their meat consumption. IGA has announced it will be the first chain of Australian supermarkets to stock – wait for it – edible crickets.

Grilo products will hit IGA shelves on the back of increasing demand from customers for more sustainable sources of protein.

The HG Retail Group said it is passionate about bringing our customers new and exciting products that they wouldn’t usually be able to find.

“Grilo Protein is one of these such products and we are proud to support this innovative and local company who is committed to supplying healthy, sustainable and future conscious food that tastes great!” – Rob Outridge, IGA Owner, Maleny.

For people looking to reduce their environmental impact while also meeting dietary needs edible crickets offer the perfect substitute.

Eating crickets has previously been uncommon in the western world, largely due to the ‘ick’ factor associated with eating bugs. However, consumers are now recognising that not only are crickets mild in flavour, but their nutrient density, sustainability, edible bug foe food and versatility make them a more sustainable and delicious protein alternative.

Not only are the edible crickets a sustainable alternative to meat-based protein, but they are nutrient-dense as well. Crickets contain 69 per cent protein, vitamin B12, Omega 3, iron, potassium and calcium. Their digestibility is higher than that of plant proteins, making it easier for the body to extract and absorb all those nutrients.

They don’t taste bad either, with a mild, nutty flavour that’s easily incorporated into sweet and savoury dishes. Perhaps we’ll see crickets being baked into muffins or pies in bakeries across the country… watch this space!

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