Easy-Melt Cheese

Maxum Foods provides an easy-melt cheese, which is a specially formulated cheddar style cheese. When it comes to cheese there are certain qualities to look for. First: there’s flavour, second: texture and finally: how well it melts. Maxum Foods’ easy-melt cheese ticks all three boxes. Its firm body and creamy texture make it easy to handle and the cheese melts quickly without losing its authentic flavour. These superior melting and browning properties make the easy-melt cheddar cheese perfect for a wide variety of baking applications.

Selecting the right cheese for your application is paramount because if cheese melts too quickly or at too high a temperature, the proteins can tighten together and squeeze out fat and moisture, giving you a firm blob of cheese in a puddle of fat. Easy-melt cheese is a fast and cost-effective way to add flavour and texture to your end-products because it requires little heat before it turns into a smooth, flowing melted cheese without that dreaded oily residue.

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