Duck Donuts arrives in Australia

a box full of elaborately iced doughnuts with the sign 'refreshingly duckadent' above it (Duck Donuts)

Popular North American coffee and doughnut chain store Duck Donuts is set to arrive in Australia by the end of this year.

Founded in 2006, Duck Donuts has since expanded to over 100 locations in the States. Russell DiGillo and Robin Griffith started the brand to provide fresh made-to-order doughnuts, which remains their mission, i.e., ‘To deliver smiles and warm, delicious, and made-to-order donuts created just the way you life’.

In the years since its inception, the company has expanded from made-to-order ‘cake donuts’ into other types of doughnuts, including a range of ice-cream based dessert doughnuts and a range of breakfast sandwich based doughnuts complete with eggs, cheese, and bacon. The brand also stocks a range of coffees.

The company will open five new shops in Sydney before the end of the year. But the chain is not only expanding into Australia. At the same time as it is expanding into our market, it will also be opening three shops in the Bahamas and ten shops in Iraq.

The announcement of its international expansion came alongside news that Duck Donuts will also be increasing the number of stores that it has in America.

“We welcome our newest franchise partners to the system and look forward to supporting them throughout their journey as a small business owner,” said Eric Lavinder, chief development officer of Duck Donuts.

He continued, “From domestic locations to our international expansion, we are one step closer to achieving our vision of serving an edible ring of happiness around the globe.”

Although we are only just at the end of the first quarter of 2023, Duck Donuts has already experienced a good deal of expansion this year, with the brand opening five stores in Cairo, with six more expected to be opening in June.

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