Consumers Want Fairtrade Products

Australians are embracing Fairtrade certified products with open arms, according to figures released by Fairtrade australia and New Zealand (aNZ).

The results suggest australian consumers purchased more than 42 million Fairtrade certified products in 2012, with total expenditure at $191 million.

In the retail sector, certified chocolate products accounted for 62 per cent of sales in 2012, followed by coffee at 31 per cent.

Fairtrade aNZ operations manager Craig Chester said the industry is growing at an exponential rate.

“Fairtrade’s annual growth over the past five years has been above 50 per cent,” he said.

“this growth means Fairtrade is reaching the kind of scale that can challenge corporate thinking and eventually change the structure of trade. there is a long way still to go, but we are making progress.”.

he research indicates when purchasing everyday products like cocoa and coffee, consumers are opting for Fairtrade to reward companies who ensure the world’s poorest farmers get a decent price for their products.

australian businesses are also embracing the trend, with an average of 15 new ventures entering the Fairtrade industry each year.

Fairtrade certified products are no longer difficult to track down or confined to health food stores, with both major supermarket chains and independent grocery retailers offering premium and low-end options. alter eco, toby’s estate, Belaroma, Cadbury, Starbucks, Nerada and Grinders currently offer Fairtrade certified products.

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