Coffee Trend Moves Away From The Cappuccino

Coffee Trend Moves Away From The Cappuccino

More Australians are asking for a flat white than any other coffee type, according to data collected by Beat the Q.

Out of 425,000 orders processed in a two year period through Beat the Q – an order and pay mobile app – 30 per cent of consumers ordered a flat white.

Traditional coffee favourite, the cappuccino, was recorded as the second most popular coffee type with 25.8 per cent of orders, followed by lattes with just more than 22 per cent of orders, as reported by Hospitality Magazine.

Beat the Q founder Adam Theobald said the research confirmed the flat white, which has its origins in Australia, remains a staple for local consumers.

“We’re a parochial bunch and the flat white is very much a part of our Australian culture. A flat white is as Aussie as a packet of Tim Tams,” Adam said, as reported by Hospitality Magazine.

“There have been many trends in the coffee industry throughout the years, but our data has shown the Aussie flattie has held its ground. It’s not just here – we’ve seen a number of Aussies opening hugely successful cafés overseas and serving up a mean flat white.”

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