Chocolatier puts positive spin on Coronavirus

Chocolatier puts positive spin on Coronavirus

Creativity is an essential skill in the chocolate and pastry industries, and one chocolatier has taken his creativity to the next level to inject some laughter into the COVID-19 crisis.

French chocolatier and patissier Jean-Francois Pre took inspiration from a 3D model of the disease to make a chocolate shell sprinkled with red almonds in an edible representation of the virus, and said he does it because “it makes them smile in these difficult times.”

The Easter eggs consist of milk chocolate that’s been painted black and red-coloured almonds for a crunchy exterior.

The chocolate concoctions can be found proudly on display in Pré’s shop in Western France and the unique creations are going viral.

Pré told French news outlet Le Telegramme in an interview that the idea came from his frustration with the issue, and he created the Easter egg as a way to “release the air out of the situation.”

“I’m a little tired of hearing about it,” Pré said.

“I tried to take it as a joke.”

Pré isn’t the only one to take advantage of the Coronavirus panic and turn it into a business opportunity. Last week, several Australian bakeries turned the toilet paper panic-buying craze around and made it an excellent marketing campaign.

Orlando Artavilla, owner of Candied Bakery in Spotswood, Melbourne, announced on the bakery’s social media pages last night that they would have plenty of rolls for sale today and throughout the weekend, saying it also gave customers a laugh at a difficult and stressful time.

“People have had a laugh with it, it’s good,” he said.

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