Out of loo roll? These bakers have your back!

Out of loo roll? These bakers have your back!

While Australians appear to have lost their collective minds stockpiling toilet paper in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, some enterprising bakers and business owners are turning the toilet paper shortage into a business opportunity.

From advertising individual rolls of toilet paper for sale, to offering bundle deals such as “buy three leaves of bread and get a free loo roll”, these bakers have seen an opportunity and jumped on it with enthusiasm and a good dose of humour.

Orlando Artavilla, owner of Candied Bakery in Spotswood, Melbourne, announced on the bakery’s social media pages last night that they would have plenty of rolls for sale today and throughout the weekend.

When Baking Business spoke to Orlando this morning, he said the bakery had been busy and they’d actually sold a few rolls.

“It’s nuts, I honestly can’t believe it,” he said of the panic-buying situation.

“You almost get to the point where it’s like, ‘should you be getting some?’ because that’s what people are doing.

“I’m going to get some just in case. I don’t know why, but everyone else is getting it. My wife asked me to bring some home and I opened up the boot and was actually too scared for people to see me with toilet paper!

“The guy that delivered the Who Gives A Crap boxes yesterday said that he has delivered so many boxes – he said 95 per cent of his deliveries were toilet paper yesterday.

“It’s crazy. So I thought, ‘why not sell it?’”

When asked whether he was worried about running out for himself, Orlando laughed.

“No I don’t think so,” he said.

“I think being in business, you feel a bit lucky because you can order it through a supplier.”

The response from customers to the opportunistic marketing has been positive for Candied, with Orlando saying many found it funny.

“People have had a laugh with it, it’s good,” he said.

Maybe just what many Australians need at a time when anxieties and hysteria are running high!

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