Cairns Baker Awarded International Scholarship

Cairns Baker Awarded International Scholarship

In late March, Cairns youngster Rhiannon Pittard was presented with a prestigious scholarship to work in the United Kingdom by the Queensland Overseas Foundation (QOF).

The Governor of Queensland, Her Excellency Penelope Wensley, presented the award at Parliament House, in Brisbane.

Ms Pittard said the scholarship would give her the opportunity to achieve her dreams of working under some of the world’s top pastry chefs.

“Different countries boast a range of varying baking techniques and specialties which can be difficult to come by in Australia and I am very excited to watch the experts at work,” she said.

“Broadening my skill base and learning more technical styles such as working with chocolate will mean I can create dishes I can truly be proud of and bring so much more to my employers in Queensland.

“I definitely believe this is an amazing opportunity to broaden my horizons both personally and professionally and I encourage other Queenslanders to apply for the next scholarship.”

Ms Pittard currently works at Salt House Restaurant in Cairns. She has also worked as a baker since 2008, placing second in the North Queensland Bake Show in 2010 and 2011.

She was among four young Queenslander apprentices to be given the opportunity to live and work overseas by the QOF, a voluntary non-profit organisation.

The foundation’s chair Rebecca Hall said the scholarships would benefit Queensland industries in the long-term.

“Since 1976 we have helped more than 100 Queenslanders pursue their dream of working overseas, knowing they will bring their skills back home and offer considerable benefit to our industries,” she said

“Some of our previous winners include Megan Todd who has successfully started her own handbag label Knots and Knits since returning, and also Leo Primus whose overseas experience helped him contribute to Queensland construction as a Development Manager at AV Jennings.

“This is an invaluable opportunity for the scholarship recipients, but also for the communities they return to.”

QOF is sponsored by Queensland Industry and supported by the State Government to provide international vocational experience to specially selected young tradespersons.

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