Café’s revenge on customer who paid with sma...

Café’s revenge on customer who paid with small change

A British breakfast has gone viral on Twitter, showing a café’s revenge on a customer who paid for a sandwich using only 10p pieces.

The tweet claimed that after the inconvenience of counting out the change, the café worker decided to cut the customer’s sandwich into revenge-sized pieces.

“Had a message off one of the lads this morning, says ‘Some lad who works in Jag paid for his scran with all 10p’s this morning. This is how his butty was when he opened it’” the tweet read.

The comments section was divided, with some praising the joke as hilarious and others labelling it petty.

Many commented that it was “just a bit of workplace banter”, but some people condemned the joke as insensitive.

One commenter said, “Hate to be that person but isn’t it sad if someone needs to pay for their dinner in 10p’s? Feel bad for him.”

Some people joked that the bite-sized pieces were a win for the customer.

“It’s perfect, they’ve cut it to bite size, first class restaurant, grab and eat, what more do you want!” one commenter said.

“I’d pay extra for such a delicately cut masterpiece…” another claimed.

It also prompted some hospitality workers to reveal their own ‘revenge’ stories, getting back at rude or annoying customers.

“I love it! I give customers the sh**tier/more burnt pasties if they speak to me with a tone or don’t say hi or please.”

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