Build An Emotional Connection Through Your Own Sto...

Build An Emotional Connection Through Your Own Story

Ever feel like you’re losing your way in your business? Use your back-story to refocus on why you’re in it.

As a publicist I talk to a lot of people about their back-story. What set them on the path to where they are now? Who were the people and what were the events that directed them this way and not that way?

I’d like to suggest this as a process many business owners can use as a way to remind themselves of the inspiration and motivation that kicked them along in the first place, and to reconnect with how they got to where they are now.

Soloists often spend a lot of time thinking about tomorrow and next week and lose focus of why they’re here to begin with. I think the ‘how you got here’ story helps to get people back on track.

Take some time to think about your back-story:

• Who were the people that set me on this path?
• What were the things they said or did that changed the way I see things?
• What occurred in my past that led me here?
• What did it take for me to make the first moves?
• What were those steps and were they tentative or great leaps?

Delving into people’s stories helps me understand the ‘why’ of their business and their values, which is powerful when I’m talking to media about them and developing their public profile. But back-stories can be beneficial for other marketing, sales and business communications as well.

Telling your story can help to build an emotional connection and trust with potential customers or existing clients.

Have you ever been in a shop and seen a sign or flier that explains the history of the business? It creates a strong impression, doesn’t it? Knowing the origins of a business helps us better appreciate the people behind it and their journey of self-belief.

Remember, you don’t need to have started your business history in colonial Australia for a back-story to make an impression. Your contemporary back-story is as valid as any.

Take some time to remember your back-story. It might even go further back than you think. Start sharing parts of the story in team and client conversations. See what resonates with people and inspires them about your work and vision.

You’ll not only find ways to use the story and its messages to promote the business, you’ll also be reminded of why you’re here in the first place.

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