Brumby’s gets on board low-gluten trend

Brumby’s gets on board low-gluten trend

In response to increasing consumer demand for low-gluten products, Brumby’s bakeries across Australia are firing up the ovens to bake a new recipe range.

The low-gluten range of bread is baked fresh in store every day and contains less than 0.5mg of gluten per 100g (or 5.0ppm) as required by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Brumby’s Bakery general manager Julie Bromley said the company was excited to launch the range – which is available in three varieties – plain; basil and garlic; and gourmet winter fruits – after recognising significant demand for fresh, low-gluten bread.

“While there is growing awareness of Coeliac disease in Australia, there is also a wider, ongoing demand for low-gluten products from a variety of consumers,” she said.

The Australian Food and Grocery Council was supported by Coeliac Australia in its recent push to bring the country’s gluten-free standards in line with the rest of the world.

Coeliac Queensland has said the weight of scientific evidence supports 20ppm as a safe threshold of gluten intake for people with Coeliac disease, a change Brumby’s has said it would welcome. In the meantime, however, Ms Bromley said the company would comply with its current standards with the low-gluten category labels.

“We advise our Coeliac customers or any other customers sensitive to gluten to consult a health professional before they decide if our low-gluten range of breads is able to become a part of their daily diet,” she said. 

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  1. Judy hill

    4 April

    Do you make a gluten free egg free bread please

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