Black Garlic: Where science meets nature

Black Garlic: Where science meets nature

Black garlic is one of those special delicacies where science meets the wonder of nature. Garlicious Grown is a multi-award-winning Australian producer of black garlic and black garlic products, supplying Australia’s top chefs. From local growers in Braidwood, NSW, the highest grade white garlic is caramelised to perfection with a unique method, extracting maximum flavour and added health benefits.

Co-founders Jenny and Cathy were inspired by the discovery of black garlic in a gourmet food magazine and quickly saw the potential to create something special with their local garlic crops. Coming from scientific backgrounds, the experimental duo spent months refining their technique to produce a distinctive, flavour-packed black garlic that’s second to none.

What is Black Garlic?

Black garlic is white garlic that has been held at low temperature high humidity for 28 days in purpose built ovens  – often referred to as fermented, it is actually an oxidation reaction.

How is it produced, and how much of it do you produce?

The first step is to grow beautiful white garlic. Nothing is added; just the environment is altered as above. We can process 400kg per month.

Black Garlic: Where science meets nature  
For the uninitiated, what does it taste like?

Black garlic has a forward molasses sweetness followed by soft garlic notes. People are often convinced we have added sugar or balsamic but neither is true – just the natural sweetness of the garlic coming to the fore. Unlike fresh garlic, black garlic doesn’t cause garlic breath or gastric distress.

What types of dishes is it used in (I’ve heard of interesting flavour combinations like brownies!)?

Black garlic matches well with savoury foods – great on a cheeseboard, super spread neat on a steak, a big umami hit in sauces and plant based meals. But you are right, it has a place in sweet dishes – paired with dark chocolate is it sublime so great in brownies and we have a malted ice cream recipe on the website that is very popular.

How popular is it?

While many still don’t know about it, those who taste are usually converts. Google searches and our sales are growing year on year.

What are some of the challenges in producing Black Garlic?

Black garlic is labour intensive – no machine can separate a lovely soft textured black garlic bulb, meaning each bulb is hand split or peeled.

We have successfully developed a range of value added products like black garlic white balsamic dressing and a very popular black garlic aioli. Our black garlic powders are very popular and versatile.

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