Beer And Pastry Concept A Hit In Brisbane

Beer And Pastry Concept A Hit In Brisbane

Craft beer venue Scratch Bar and brewery Brewtal Brewers teamed up in October to host their first Beerkary Bakery.

The pop-up concept bakery served custom-made craft beers matched with pastries made fresh by Ben Devlin.

“The idea comes from a simple desire to combine our two favourite things, beer and baked goods. It also recognises brewing and baking share a similar craft and science, as well as some base ingredients,” Yen said.

“After Ben’s all-night baking, a rather precarious car ride balancing a cake and some improvised fire-starting for the charcoal grill, we set up for a 10am start and had big rush about 11.30 when things started to sell out.”

The beer-pastry pairing included Brewtal Brewers’ Ginger Nut Ale, which was matched with ginger bearded men with ginger icing and chocolate buttons and ginger curd, hazelnut praline and chocolate tarts – with beer used in the chocolate.

Applewood Amber ale was also matched with beer-infused sourdough bread, served with grilled pork jowl, apple relish, mayonnaise and salad, as well as apple cake with a pound cake base, served with apple compote, applewood cream, malt cookie and applewood ash dusting.

“The concept has been really well received by locals and we’ve planned another for just before Christmas. Hopefully we can do this quarterly in 2014, with a view to set up Beerkary permanently,” Yen said.

“We are always keen to keep collaborating with bars and brewers.”

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