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Increasingly extravagant bakery interiors have turned bread buying into an engaging experience. Australian Baking Business takes a look at how some of the world’s best custom shop designs are making a mark using unique textures, lighting and materials.

Suspended sweet spot

Omonia Bakery

New York, US

Omonia Cafe in Astoria, New York, is famous for its Greek pastries, coffee and people watching. The interior of the family-owned business has become equally famous after it recently expanded to include a dedicated bakery space.

Bluarch Architecture was approached to design the bakery and has transformed the space into an organic and modern cafe as sweet as the treats it sells. It makes use of LED lighting and cedar spheres to create an undulating installation. The ceiling is clad with ¼-inch chocolate brown Bisazza tiles while the epoxy flooring continues to the walls via filleted corners, with a shelf and LED strips navigating the transition with the surface.

A tempered glass box inside the bakery where pastries and breads are prepared allows customers to observe and engage with staff.

Colourful palette

Joy Cupcakes

Melbourne, Australia

Mim Design completed the interior design for Joy Cupcakes on Doncaster Road, Melbourne. The cupcake shop evokes memories of a “homestyle” kitchen with a palette of soft colours and handmade tiles providing an organic backdrop to the products; cupcakes produced with all-natural ingredients.

The store, like the project objective, was to install a sense of joy and happiness. The business prides itself on its choice of ingredients, and in turn the interior design reflects that “natural” feel using warm timbers, soft colours and hand- crafted materials. The product was to take centre stage, with the interior as a complementary backdrop to the product and the Joy Cupcakes brand.

Custom pieces were designed to enforce the product and the brand, such as custom pendant light fittings signifying a cupcake design that takes advantage of the high ceilings, with a shade that can be adapted to a table lamp for kiosk style fitout. Custom stools and tables reinforce the soft colours of the handmade tiles while a custom benchtop design creates a doiley tablecloth-style look.

Scandinavian minimalism

Helsinki Bakery

Osaka, Japan

A Japanese bakery with a natural-wood interior inspired by Finnish culture projects a calming presence, welcoming customers in. Helsinki Bakery in Osaka is designed by Arihiro Miyake and its culture mash-up has been designed using minimalist concept with a soft-white colour combination. Sleek, elegant and emitting a unique sense of place, it provides a range of sensory impressions. Customers can use taste, touch, sight and sound to feast on the food as well as the bakery itself. The material and furniture are made of wood with a sleek white colour providing a modern taste.

Pretty in pink

The Hummingbird Bakery

London, England

The Hummingbird Bakery launched in 2004 with the vision of bringing an authentic American-style baking taste to London.

The bakery’s ethos has been to make freshly baked cakes using the same ingredients and techniques as those used in home baking.

The Spitalfields store (pictured) opened in 2011 and features vibrant pink and black colours. The bakery chain celebrated the January 2012 opening of its fifth bakery in Islington by giving away free cupcakes to its first 1000 visitors.

Portview, in partnership with designers RPA Vision, completed the fit-out to create a striking and contemporary interior inline with the style of The Hummingbird Bakery’s Soho and Spitalfields branches.

The Hummingbird Bakery Islington will continue the company’s practice of freshly baking all products on site the same day they are sold to ensure its cakes and other baked goods are of the highest possible quality.

Company founder Tarek Malouf said he has waited a long time to open in Islington.

“The local area, including Upper Street, filled with its cafes, restaurants and boutique shops, makes the perfect home for us,” Tarek said.

Marble decadence

Elektra Bakery

Edessa, Greece

Part of a chain of family-run bakeries, Elektra is located in the northern Greece city of Edessa. The shop is small, covering only 35sq m and occupies a corner on the main pedestrian high street.

Greek architectural design company Studioprototype had the opportunity to redefine the look of its shops with this pilot project. A long marble food counter inside acts as a monolithic focal point of the spatial arrangement. Light and luminosity flood the interior of the bakery accentuating the food items on display.

Materials such as Carrara marble, cedar wood and brass serve as the backdrop for all food products instilling the rustic and artisan aspect of making bread.

A sense of craftsmanship is imbued with the exterior of the shop clad in vertical cedar boards. Punctuating the cedar cladding on the long facade, a black powder-coated steel window box projects outwards beyond the ‘crust’ of the shop, expanding the space to serve as a seating area and bar for customers inside and outside the shop.

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