Baker Returns To French Roots

Queensland bakery owner, Savico Basset-Rouge has begun experimenting with a French flour recently introduced to Australia. He intends to add a dedicated French bread line to his Brisbane business, Le Bon Choix.

The French flour, supplied by France Gourmet, has a high hydration and makes bread that is rich and crunchy. While Australian flour is close to European quality, Mr Basset-Rouge said that you can smell the difference between the two types of product.

“The bread is very tasty, very flavoursome,” he told Australian Baking Business.

“It’s the flour I’ve always wanted to have.”

Due to the strength of the Australian dollar and the rising price of Australian flour, Mr Basset-Rouge said European flour prices were becoming more affordable.

Having a reliable supply of flour has been the major stumbling block along with quality issues, but the bakery owner is satisfied with his new supply.

Australian bakers can have trouble working with French flour due to its higher hydration, Mr Basset-Rouge said. His flour has a 68 per cent hydration and he mixes it for five minutes with water, rests it for 45 minutes, adds salt and improver and then repeats. He said a deck oven is necessary to bake it.

“You have to always improve. It’s not just about the quality of the food, it’s everything to do with your business,” he said.

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