Bakels launches locally made Millionaires Caramel

Bakels launches locally made Millionaires Caramel

Two delicious-looking stuffed doughnuts stacked on each other. They are topped with chocolate and sprinkles, the top one has a bite taken out of it, showing the oozy, gooey caramel inside (Millionaires Caramel)

Australian Bakels has recently relaunched the popular Millionaires Caramel as a locally made product. While they were previously imported from their British Bakels counterparts, Australian Bakels has invested in new equipment to produce an Australian-made true caramel. The Millionaires product is made with real butter and condensed milk, giving a deluxe and indulgent flavour that will elevate any bakery offering. This super versatile caramel only requires a quick warm up before using as a donut filling, a caramel slice layer, or even as a cake topping. Satisfy that sweet tooth today!

For more information, contact Australian Bakels.

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