Australia’s Coffee Obsession Soars

Australia’s Coffee Obsession Soars

Almost 6 million Australians wake up with a cup of coffee, according the most recent Harris Rise and Grind Survey.

the survey, which was commissioned by roast and ground coffee retailer Harris Coffee through Galaxy Research, suggests coffee has now become firmly entrenched in Australian culture.

Specifically, the research states Australians spend more than 780 million hours drinking almost 87 million coffees each week.

Cafe coffee consumers each spend a substantial $597 per year, while at-home roast and ground drinkers only spend an average of $66 a year. In total, australian coffee lovers spend more than $2.9 billion on coffee annually.

The survey also identified up to 86 per cent of coffee drinkers claim to have an emotional relationship with their daily brew.

Master blender Wayne archer, who has been roasting and blending beans for Harris Coffee for almost 40 years, said the survey results demonstrate Australians have an “obsession” with coffee.

“having been in the coffee industry for most of my life, I have witnessed people going to great lengths for the perfect coffee,” Wayne said.

“In Australia, there has been a great increase in the quantity and desire for an excellent cup of coffee.”

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