Aussies’ favourite way to eat hot cross buns...

Aussies’ favourite way to eat hot cross buns revealed

Toasted, fresh, with or without butter, hot cross buns can be eaten in so many different ways, but which way is the Aussie favourite? Canstar Blue’s special Easter survey of over 2,500 hot cross bun consumers reveals the majority (60 per cent) like their buns toasted or warmed with a good spread of butter or margarine.

Canstar Blue Home and Lifestyle expert, Megan Birot, said, “People are divided on how to eat the Easter treat—although the majority of Aussies like their hot cross buns toasty and buttery, one in five also love eating them straight from the packet”.

“A very small fraction—just 4 per cent—of Aussies are more experimental with their hot cross buns, choosing jam and other non-traditional spreads to pair with their buns.”

The comparison website also delved into Australia’s favourite flavour for these Easter goodies, finding that fruit (43 per cent) is the top choice for Australian hot cross bun consumers, followed by chocolate (24 per cent) and plain (15 per cent) rounding up the top three hot cross bun types.

Hot cross buns are traditionally fruit-laden and spiced, so it’s good to see Australians remain loyal to classic flavours,” Birot said.

Coles was rated best in Canstar Blue’s 2021 hot cross buns review, marking its second win in a row. It achieved five stars for freshness, taste, variety and overall satisfaction. Research is underway to uncover which bun brand will rise to the occasion in 2022.

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