Arnott’s turns three favourite biscuits glut...

Arnott’s turns three favourite biscuits gluten-free

Finally, snacking salvation for the estimated six million Australians who avoid gluten, with Arnott’s announcing they’ve turned three favourite biscuits gluten-free.

Arnott’s introduced the new range (which will be available exclusively at Woolworths supermarkets) of gluten-free biscuits “that don’t compromise on taste and quality”. The all-star lineup includes gluten-free versions of the iconic Scotch Finger, Tiny Teddy, and Choc Ripple biscuits.

In a statement, Arnott’s said: “While Australia’s appetite for gluten free treats continues to increase, many consumers have found themselves in the unlucky position of settling for second-rate snacks that don’t taste great.

“We have stepped in to solve that issue with a gluten free range that delivers on quality and tastes great!”

Graham Fairbairn, Arnott’s Brand Manager said, “With millions of consumers seeking out snacks that are both gluten-free AND delicious, we decided it was time to treat them to biscuits that meet their dietary requirements without compromising on taste. When it comes to Arnott’s, there’s no substitute.”

Arnott’s worked closely with Coeliac Australia to ensure the biscuits meet the strict requirements of their endorsement program, and the Coeliac Australia endorsement logo will feature on the pack.

The new range is made in Australia with a gluten-free flour blend made from locally sourced maize, tapioca, rice, sorghum, and soy.

All three biscuits were developed to the exacting taste specifications of Arnott’s culinary team, and great care was taken to achieve a delicious flavour and texture, like the buttery crumble of Scotch Finger, or the cocoa crunch of Choc Ripple.

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