Free lammies for World Lamington Day

Tokyo Lamington is treating locked down Sydney-siders with free lammies for World Lamington Day today (July 21), but they’re saving the big guns for when everyone can celebrate this marvellous Aussie treat safely.

For today, they’re throwing in a free OG lamington—made with raspberry jam and vanilla cream, dipped in chocolate and coated in coconut—with every online order until sold out, with a limit of one free lamington per household.

However, once lockdown is over, the Tokyo team have big plans in store for lamington lovers with a Later Lamington Day Soiree.

“We had grand plans to celebrate and give Sydney free lamingtons and free lamington lattes with our mates at Single O,” they said in a statement.

“To keep our city safe, we have decided to postpone and throw a massive combined

LAMINGTON DAY/ END OF LOCKDOWN party at a later date.”

Stay tuned for the details of this spongey, coconut-y partay!

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