A Journey to Natural Colours that contribute to

A Journey to Natural Colours that contribute to

Colouring foods refers to food ingredients that contribute to the colouring properties of foods and are derived from traditional foods, such as, vegetables, fruits and plants. They undergo careful processing to ensure the preservation of the valuable ingredients from the natural raw material sources.

Opalis® is the Sensient’s range of natural extracts and concentrates derived from edible vegetables, fruits and plants that deliver colour to enhance your products.

By carefully selecting high quality raw material and applying advanced processing technology, Opalis® provides a wide range of special formulations with excellent stability and advanced colouring efficiency and advantages for various applications, responding to the consumer’s expectations and manufacturer’s needs.

As the food and drink industry continues to shift away from artificial colour, natural colour sources will continue to provide clean-label value and visual delight to many brands’ products.

Due to the specialised processing, the Opalis® products are natural ingredients that maintain essential characteristics of the source material, which strengthens the consumer’s connection to nature and perception of authenticity.

Many of today’s consumers turn to their everyday food and drinks to provide them functional benefits for health and wellness.

Opalis® is creative, bright, versatile and diverse. It is suitable for water-based and oil-based systems that include solutions (clear), dispersions (cloudy), emulsions (clear and cloudy), powder and Agglomerates.

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