You can now get doughnuts for your canine friend

You can now get doughnuts for your canine friend

There’s no doubt that as a nation, we love our dogs about as much as it’s possible to love anything and love to spoil them even more. But the Schmackos, pig’s ears and liver treats can move over, because you can now get doughnuts for your canine friends!

To celebrate International Dog Day on Thursday, August 26, doughnut giant Krispy Kreme has launched a limited-edition range of ‘Pawsome’ Doggie Doughnuts, so you can finally share the joy of doughnuts with your furry friend. To concoct these canine-friendly creations, Krispy Kreme has partnered with Huds & Toke, a small independent business based in Coolum, Queensland who specialise in pet treats that are better for your pooch.

The KK-Inspired Flavours are as follows: Original Glaze, Strawberry Sprinkles, Choc Sprinkles, Choc Iced, Choc Cheesecake and the Choc Cookie (with a cute carob paw cookie in the middle drizzled with yoghurt!).

These Krispy Kreme Inspired Doggie Doughnuts have been designed specifically for dogs with an all-natural nutty based doggie doughnut shaped biscuit, that is low in fat and contains no added salt, sugar or preservatives.

The six-pack of Doggie Doughtnuts has been inspired by Australia’s favourite Krispy Kreme flavours for humans, with each biscuit coated in low-fat carob and yoghurt (with no-melt frosting designed not to melt or smudge on furniture or carpet).

They have a hard-baked cookie base and hard frosting all designed specifically for dogs jaws and chewing habits and to provide dental cleaning, and chew time enrichment benefits.

From Tuesday August 10 to Thursday August 26, these pup-approved goodies are available to order as a six pack for $14.95 via next-day click and collect to your closest Krispy Kreme Store or via Huds & Toke.

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