Vanrooy Test Kitchen

Vanrooy Test Kitchen

Vanrooy understand that choosing the right equipment is a big deal. This is why they built a state-of-the-art area called The Test Kitchen to accommodate for all their customers demonstration needs and testing purposes. From a small shop setup to large wholesale distribution, The Vanrooy Test Kitchen has been designed to help you discover the little things that will make a big difference to your production.

As we know there is only so much information you can gather from reading brochures, watching videos and looking up product features when looking for new machinery. Which is why Vanrooy made it their objective to provide a space that will assist their customers achieve their perfect solution.

Managing director David Van Rooy says, “Being hands on and letting our customers see their own product going through each machine really allows us to understand which machine will best suit each individuals production needs.”

If you would like to get your hands dirty with Vanrooy, give the company a call today.

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