The perfect combination to achieve your chocolate ...

The perfect combination to achieve your chocolate goals

Introducing the new edition FUTURA EX tempering machine with removable screw pump and digital control panel. Futura EX allows an hourly production of 170kg of tempered chocolate.

This tempering machine stands out in market due to its new patented system allowing for the removal of the tempering screw pump in a few simple minutes.

The advantages of this new tempering machine are innumerable; primarily the possibility to add small inclusions like chopped hazelnuts, cocoa nibs, etc. into the chocolate to add aroma, texture and taste. Where special processing is required, this machine is able to maintain crystallisation even at considerably lower tempering temperatures than usual. Complete with volumetric dispenser, pedal to control the flow of chocolate and heated vibrating table.

The SELMI RS200 chocolate coating belt is for total and partial chocolate coating of pralines, biscuits and small pastries, dried and candied fruit. The coating belt is in three sections and installed on a tilting trolley. The loading area can be stopped to increase the accuracy and the positioning times of the product to be coated. The coating area features mechanical vibration of the coating mesh, which helps to create a uniform coating of the product, and an air blower for controlling the dripping of the chocolate which can be adjusted electronically via the control panel. The latter features an alimentary filter and millimetric adjustment of the working height. The coating speed is electronically adjustable via the operator control panel.

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