Shoot The Chef

Food fans worked alongside creative photographers to compete for the Shoot the Chef title in October.

Shoot The Chef is an annual photography competition held by The Sydney Morning Herald as part of the Sydney International Food Festival. The competition is open to bakers, home cooks, professional chefs and even foodies.

The competition is one of the popular features of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival, where the finalists are openly exhibited throughout October.

Photographer Louise Whelan’s photograph of singer Pia Andersen at home surrounded by baked goods (pictured left) was a finalist in this year’s competition.

“Pia relaxes by baking sweet treats for her family, demonstrating you can have your cake and eat it too,” Ms Whelan said in her entry.

New South Wales artisan baker, Joost Hilkemeijer (pictured right) was also captured working at his wood-fired ovens in Berry by photographer Katie Rivers.

“Joost is passionate about bread, the authentic, traditional European sourdough he kneads and bakes in wood-fired ovens; a beautiful, glamourless process,” Ms Rivers said.

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