Restaurant pulls off ultimate rebrand

If you follow Attica on Instagram, you might be used to seeing the exquisite meals you’d expect from a fine dining restaurant.

However, it has all changed in the past couple of days, with the Melbourne restaurant pulling off the ultimate rebrand in response to tough new government restrictions that have been crippling for the hospitality industry.

The measures, brought into place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus initially only limited the number of guests the restaurant could safely accommodate, but now food outlets have been reduced to offering takeaway service only. Naturally, this has been a devastating blow to an industry that relies on getting bums on seats to survive and thrive.

While some have closed and some have continued to trade as take-away only, others like Attica have done a full 180 and entirely changed their offering. The Ripponlea diner announced last week that it would be temporarily closing its doors to diners, offering take-away options.

“We are so sorry to say but we have to restrict our guest numbers each evening to 20 people,” Attica announced on Instagram on Friday.

“We are reaching out to all affected guests, starting from tonight, by phone and email. We are so sorry if this causes any disappointment or inconvenience. We will be launching our online takeaway orders this afternoon at 5 pm via our website for next week!

However, owner Ben Shewry had another trick up his sleeve to increase trade.

On Tuesday, March 24 Attica opened its own bake shop next door to the restaurant. Attica Bake Shop opened from 9 am until noon on Tuesday and completely sold out of its offering which for now include a take on Cherry Ripe, wattleseed brownies, lemon myrtle caramels, Davidson plum scrolls, a mouthwatering pull-apart garlic bread and Attica’s famous Vegemite scroll.

It will be opening every morning except for Sunday’s and changing its offerings as the innovative team rapidly develops new baked goods and other food items. In addition, they are selling out the wine cellar! Takeaway and delivery are available in the evenings via the website for more substantial meals.

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