Bakery breaks quarantine monotony with free tutori...

Bakery breaks quarantine monotony with free tutorials

A London bakery is helping to break quarantine monotony with free online tutorials.

In general, the world’s population these days is not used to being bored. Normally spoilt for choice in outings and activities, and always engaged in some way or another, it’s safe to say a lot of people are struggling with the isolation and quarantine measures necessitated by COVID-19.

Luckily, those looking to brush up on their baking skills during this unprecedented forced downtime are in luck, with one London bakery hosting live baking tutorials on Instagram.

Bread Ahead, a bakery school and shop in Borough Market announced the free online tutorials for anyone looking to learn a new skill and break up the monotony of Netflix and snacks.

Boasting 118,000 followers, the tutorials will no doubt be going down a treat with bored self-isolators around the world.

The team kicked off with custard doughnuts on March 18, and they have since covered a range of tasty goodies including rosemary focaccia, cinnamon buns, pain de Campagne, and old fashioned ginger cake. Next up is Grissini at 2pm local time on Monday March 23.

One slight hiccup to this clever plan, however, is the lack of readily available basic pantry ingredients after the public’s panic buying and hoarding.

“Love to join you but can’t buy flour anywhere,” commented one Instagram follower on the latest post for a tutorial.

The flour shortage appeared to cause the most problems for hopeful would-be bakers, but others were unable to obtain yeast and other vital ingredients. Most, however, were just grateful and appreciative to Bread Ahead for taking the time to try to help people.

“These are great, I really appreciate that you are doing this,” wrote one follower.

“Please post the recipes online or upload the videos to YouTube so they can be rewatched!”

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