Pretzel diversifies with lockdown DIY kits

Pretzel diversifies with lockdown DIY kits

Pretzel has diversified its offering during lockdown, now offering DIY kits for customers keen to stay busy and try their hand at making the famous knots.

Whether you’re weathering the cooler weather, a prolific home baker or looking for another fun iso baking activity, Pretzel‘s new DIY bake at home kit will keep your hands at work and leave your heart tangled in a delicious knot.

Pretzel diversifies with lockdown DIY kits

Starting from $40 on the Pretzel website, the kits have 2kg of airy, pre-mixed Pretzel flour, Pretzel salt, yeast to help those babies rise, ghee and browning solution—enough to bake 12twisty treats, delivered straight to your door.

If you’re saving your kit for a cooking day with friends or are simply want your pretzel fix asap, pop by one of Pretzel’s pastel pink stores or order online and through major delivery services.

Once your pretzels are baked and beaming, top with your choice of sweet or savoury flavours including brown sugar, caramel sauce, crushed biscuit or fruit jam.

Pretzel was created by Brittany Garbutt in 2017, who opened her first store in Perth. Since then, it has become a veritable empire, with 10 stores now open across Melbourne and Perth, with plans to expand into other Australian cities.

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