Pie Month Seeks To Boost Bakery Profits

Pie Month Seeks To Boost Bakery Profits

Pies, footy and sporting finals: all are a strong focus each September and, once again, EOI seeks to support bakeries around Australia to increase pie sales during this exciting time.

EOI national bakery manager Peter LeSueur encourages all Australian bakers to get behind September as Aussie Pie Month.

“For many years, we at EOI have placed our resources behind increasing sales of fresh baked pies at bakeries across the country during September. This year, we plan to continue to ensure our investment works well for bakers, including those who may not yet be using EOI products,” Peter said.

Bold point-of-sale with which to deck out the bakeries is a significant part of EOI’s campaign to support Aussie Pie Month.Individual bakeries may also wish to encourage purchases with their own incentives while EOI will run a promotion to entice as many bakeries as possible to take part.

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