Newly opened eatery named in State’s best

Newly opened eatery named in State’s best

Located in the High Country Hamlets region of Crows Nest Queensland, atop of the Great Dividing Range, you’ll find restaurant Myrtille and My Little Blueberry bakery and patisserie. The owners of the sister venues were surprised when the newly opened eateries were named named in the Courier-Mails Delicious 100 annual list, having been trading for just a few months.

The venues are located in the newly renovated Nolan’s Block on the New England Highway, north of Toowoomba. Boutique restaurant Myrtille came in at number 67 on the list, and comes from award-winning chef Amanda Hinds who previously made the list with Emeraude in Hampton.

The veteran chef said she was shocked to even see the eatery on list.

“I’m over the moon — we’ve only just started, we were in the top 30 at Emeraude but we had a bit more time, this time around, I feel very lucky to be there,” she said.

“It’s taking time for us to get up on our feet, but in the past three weeks, it feels like everything is running a bit better.

“We’re chuffed — I’m almost shocked.”

Right next door to the bistro, is their sweet patisserie and cafe, My Little Blueberry, selling delectable pastries, cakes, pies and sandwiches, chocolate, coffee & tea.

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