Muffin Break Stocks Weight Watchers Approved Food

Muffin Break Stocks Weight Watchers Approved Food

National bakery-café brand Muffin Break has introduced an extended range of low-calorie meal options for health-conscious consumers.

The range includes a Weight Watchers-endorsed muffin range, fresh smoothies, tea cakes and wraps made fresh onsite. All products come in a choice of flavours, with the muffin range sold in seven varieties: cranberry and blueberry; passionfruit and pineapple; chocolate raspberry, peach cinnamon; chocolate orange; raspberry apple; and strawberry chocolate.

Muffin Break national brand manager John Macphail said the range meets growing consumer demand for low-fat and gluten-free food options.

“We have recognised that our customers sometimes want a healthier choice, which doesn’t compromise on taste or experience,” he said.

“Muffin Break is a much loved treat destination and we will continue to provide our customers with choice.

“By introducing this extended range of Weight Watchers-endorsed products, our customers can make more informed decisions about what they wish to eat when visiting us.”

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    13 June

    As someone who is diabetec I would like to see a range of low sugar cakes and muffins introduced even if it is just on a trial basis.
    I am sure that there must be more diabetec customers who visit you and thinks the same.
    I am from GLASGOW and visit your ST E NOCH SQUARE BRANCH A LOT

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