Ernest Hillier saved from administration by Yowie ...

Ernest Hillier saved from administration by Yowie Group

A package Yowie chocolate egg with surprise inside with a Siberian Tiger on an isolated background (Ernest Hillier)

Recently, the Ernest Hillier chocolate manufacturer, one of Australia’s oldest chocolatiers (having been in operation since 1914), announced that it had gone into voluntary administration for a second time amid increasing operating costs and rising cost pressures. Now, Yowie Group has purchased the assets of the company for $375,000.

In a statement, Yowie indicated that it was acquiring all intellectual property, business names, and brands of the Ernest Hillier chocolate business as well as all the company’s owned plant and equipment. Yowie will not be assuming any of the liabilities attached to the business.

Yowie Group Chairman, Sean Taylor, said, “The Ernest Hillier acquisition represents an important step in the evolution of our business. It enables us to preserve an iconic Australian chocolate manufacturing business with significant heritage value and capability, and in doing so take greater control over our future.

“When the current board were appointed, Yowie was… concentrated on the US market. Since then, the Yowie product has returned to Australian stores, and we have expanded our product offerings through a range of seasonal Christmas and Easter products and more recently the collaborations with [AFL/NRL/Bluey etc].”

Sean continued that the acquisition of Ernest Hillier provides a step for Yowie Group to continue to grow.

“Today, the addition of the Ernest Hillier business enables us to further expand our product range of premium Australian chocolates, providing greater control over the production of our products and we are excited about the future potential that this acquisition provides,” he said.

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