Ecuadorian-inspired Mousse: Dome of Passion

Ecuadorian-inspired Mousse: Dome of Passion

“The Ecuadorian-inspired mousse with passion cream is the perfect balance of heavy and light, making this an ideal trans-seasonal dish to enjoy as we head into winter. the mirror finish on the dome is cheeky, sophisticated and completely on-trend. Just have a look at what the top pastry chefs around the world are doing with glazes and you’ll be inspired to give this sleek, contemporary style a go.” – Puratos head chef Corey King.


Brownie Chocolate Biscuit

• 1 baking tray (40 x 60cm)
• Dark chocolate cake*: 400g
• Egg: 100g
• Milk: 90g
• Butter: 125g
• Dark chocolate** (55% cocoa content): 130g
• Milk chocolate*** (33 per cent cocoa content): 130g

*You can use any left over dark chocolate cake, but it must be moist. We used the Satin Dark Moist Cake from the Puratos range.

**We used Belcolade Selection Noir from the Puratos range as it has a good bittersweet balance

***We used Belcolade Selection Lait from the Puratos range as it has a pleasant cacao taste and a sensation of honey.

Passion Cream

• 2 dome moulds 12cm (diameter)
• Passionfruit puree: 125g*
• Egg yolks: 35g
• Whole eggs: 50g
• Sugar: 20g
• Butter: 50g
• Neutral glaze for making mirrors on bavarois*: 30g

*We used Puratos Bavarois Neutre

Caramel Crusty

• Caramel filling*: 100g
• Roasted crushed almonds: 40g
• Sea salt: 5g

*We used the rich and creamy Deli Caramel from the Puratos range

Mousse Ecuador Gianduja

• Milk: 90g
• Vegetable cream* or fresh cream: 90g
• Egg yolks: 45g
• Dark chocolate** (70+%): 120g
• Belcolade Gianduja***: 90g
• Vegetable cream* or fresh cream, whipped: 360g

*We used Passionata from the Puratos range as it’s a ready-to-use vegetable cream with a dairy taste

**We used Belcolade Noir Origin Ecuador 71%

***This is a creamy paste of milk chocolate and finely ground hazelnuts


Brownie Chocolate Biscuit

1. Combine the dark chocolate cake, egg and milk together for 3 minutes at medium speed with the paddle. Melt the butter and the dark chocolate together at 40°C.

2. Mix the melted butter and chocolate into the cake batter. Crush up the milk chocolate and add it to the batter.

3. Spread a thin layer of the mixture onto baking tray and bake at 200°C for 9 minutes.

4. Let the biscuit cool down.

5. Cut 2 rings with a 9cm diameter and 2 ringswith a 12cm diameter.

Passion Cream

1. Cook the passionfruit puree with egg yolks, whole eggs and sugar until boiled. Then add the glaze mix. If unavailable, increase the sugar to taste and use around 20g of powder gelatine.

2. At 40°C, add the soft butter and mix.

3. Divide the mixture into two equal parts, andpour into the dome moulds (12cm diameter).

4. Put the chocolate biscuit (9cm diameter) on top.

5. Freeze it.

Caramel Crusty

1. Mix the caramel filling and sea salt, and add the roasted almonds.

2. Spread on the biscuit (12cm diameter).

Mousse Ecuador Gianduja

1. Cook the vegetable cream and egg yolks together at 85°C.

2. Stop cooking and pour in the 70+% dark chocolate and Belcolade Gianduja.

3. Mix slowly until you obtain a homogenous ganache.

4. When the temperature reaches 35-40°C, add the whipped cream


1. Pour the Mousse Ecuador Gianduja into a dome mould of 14cm (diameter), add the passion cream.

2. Pour in some more MousseEcuador Gianduja.

3. Finish with the browniechocolate biscuit.

4. Freeze.

5. When you take it out of the freezer, apply Miroir Glassage Chocolate Noir at 35-40°C.

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