Cadbury favourite changes face for a good cause

Cadbury favourite changes face for a good cause

Cadbury’s Freddo frog is one of the most iconic Australian chocolates, but the famous treat will be disappearing for a while to shine a spotlight on a good cause.

Instead of Freddo’s instantly recognisable grin, the chocolate company has decided to place critically endangered frogs from Australia and New Zealand on Freddo packaging to raise awareness of the species, which are nearing extinction.

Endangered species to be featured include the northern and southern corroboree frogs, Baw Baw frog, spotted tree frog, Tasmanian tree frog, armoured mist frog, Hochstetter’s frog, Archey’s frog and kroombit tinker frog.

The special packaging will also feature an AR symbol, allowing consumers to access fact sheets and videos about the featured species’.

Additionally, the makers of the world-famous Dairy Milk chocolate will donate $600,000 to Zoos Victoria and Conservation Volunteers Australia over three years to aid the cause.

“We’re so proud to be able to work with these frog experts to deliver programs that will give these endangered species a chance to repopulate and flourish,” Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo marketing manager Katrina Watson said in a statement.

“It’s a long-term commitment to ensure the projects can deliver real outcomes for the survival of these amazing animals.”

It isn’t the first time this year Cadbury has used its chocolates for a good cause, with 100% of its proceeds from the sale of Cadbury Freddo, Caramello Koala and Furry Friends products between January 10-17 going towards bushfire relief efforts.

On its Facebook page, Cadbury Australia announced that the campaign raised a total of $630,000, and thanks customers for their generosity.

“This money goes towards training more vets and establishing new habitats across the country which will help the native wildlife recover from the devastating bushfires,” the statement said.

“Alongside this, we’re also donating much needed food to Foodbank Australia and our amazing emergency services personnel.”

It will also be giving away chocolate Easter eggs in bushfire-affected areas.

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