Black Star Pastry expands into China

Founded in Sydney in 2008 and taking Australia—and the rest of the world—by storm, Black Star Pastry has set sail and expanded into China.

Its flagship store in Shanghai is as much the talk of the architecture and design space for its futuristic fitout, as it is the foodie world.

Black Star Pastry principal and creative director Louis Li worked with architects Linehouse to convert a redbrick villa into two venues across two floors, with the ground floor operating as Black Star Pastry’s cake and coffee retail space, while the first floor houses Black Star Gallery—the brand’s new dining space.

In an exploration of gravity versus weightlessness, a display at the centre of the ground floor retail space features nine revolving and levitating space capsules, which display nine cakes exclusively launched in Shanghai. Stainless-steel shelves holding thousands of meteorites line the space from floor to ceiling and the phrase ‘we are all just stardust’ can be found lining the edges of the communal tables.

The architect said: “The ground floor stirs up the incredible sensation of being aboard a spaceship, transporting you to a parallel universe upstairs. A new staircase clad in roughcast concrete terrazzo transports guests to the Black Star Gallery; an exhibition-style dining space-themed meta habitat—featuring artworks by four emerging international artists. Rowan Corkill, Olivia Steele, Debbie Lawson, and Naoko Ito created four site-specific works.”

Black Star Pastry is famous for its strawberry watermelon cake, which was dubbed “Australia’s most Instagrammed dessert” by the New York Times.

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