Big industry names open first-of-its-kind café in ...

Big industry names open first-of-its-kind café in Sydney

In these difficult times it’s great to be able to share some good news in the food and hospitality industry. On October 12, some of the industry’s biggest names opened a first-of-its-kind café in Sydney.

Cacao Cafe in Potts Point, Sydney is the first venue in Australia to offer up cacao on tap and has a menu that has been developed by big names including Tawnya Bahr and Christopher Thé (of Black Star fame), which aims to showcase the diversity of cacao pulp across desserts, drinks and savoury dishes.

Food consultant Tawnya Bahr shared her excitement about the opening in a post on LinkedIn.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working as a food consultant chef on this joint project alongside master pastry chef Christopher Thé,” she wrote.

“We’ve had the opportunity to deep dive into the tropical flavour profiles of the cacao pulp, create a refreshing offering and support many of our local producers in the process. At a time of hospitality uncertainty, opening the doors this morning with the team felt extra extra special.”

On the Cacao Café’s website, co-founder Alan Weiss said the aim was to “create something unique, but accessible to everyone, every day, all day.”

“The biggest obstacle we faced was the number of existing cafe’s and chocolate stores that offer chocolate and desserts,” he said.

“The answer was to create a new “cacao culture” to satisfy both the chocolate lovers, and those who wanted a healthier food and beverage option as well.

“Today, Cacao Cafe is a brand story that revolves around the connection and romance of chocolate with the cacao plant. Our specialist team of consultants from interior designers, to graphic designers and food consultants – all contributed to the incredible story that has now brought you to Cacao Café.

“Our design is vibrant, decadent, warm and inviting, all at the same time, delivering both visually to the consumer, but equally to their taste buds.”

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