Bake Bite-Sized Product In Large Quantities

Bake Bite-Sized Product In Large Quantities

Responding to the trends in the bakery industry, Rademaker recently demonstrated the making of favourable bite-size mini products like Mini Choco bars (five grams baked), Mini Croissants (12g baked) and Mini Barra Rustica’s (25g baked) at its first customer seminar in the Netherlands. Considering the health trend, Rademaker choose to demonstrate two flatbread products, Sangak and Barbari, and a Rademaker developed new healthy and fruity product, Fruity Stix, on the Rademaker Crusto Breadline. Rademaker received a positive response to the demonstration tours, especially the mini croissant line with a capacity of more than 60,000 pcs/hr, which is custom-built for an existing Rademaker customer.

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