Amsterdam to get Wonka-esque chocolate factory

Amsterdam to get Wonka-esque chocolate factory

It’s everyone’s childhood dream coming true! Amsterdam is to get a Willy Wonka-esque chocolate factory, complete with a roller coaster.

Tony’s Chocolonely, a Dutch-based brand that takes pride in lifting up cocoa bean farmers in Africa, announced the US$105 million Chocolate Circus in 2018.

Although it won’t be completed for another three years, architecture firm SeARCH has released its plans for the exciting factory/theme park, which have been approved by City Council.

To be built in the municipality of Zaanstad, Tony Chocolonely’s Chocolate Circus (TCCC) will consist of three main volumes: the monumental warehouse De Vrede, the new red pavilion which will give access to the roller coaster and the new factory building which contains two stacked factories.

The plans now have to be approved by the City Council so that the official building application can be submitted.

Architect Kathrin Hanf said in an interview that the project was preceded by extensive studies.

“For example, we examined whether we can fit a factory into a residential environment, but that is possible,” Ms Hanf said.

“This factory makes no noise and nuisance from odours such as chocolate is actively opposed by the municipality of Zaanstad. We are also investigating how the TCCC can be made accessible to visitors, for example by water to reduce the traffic pressure from Amsterdam.”

TCCC visitors will get to know the company, its mission and the chocolate making process in a playful way. For example, cocoa trees grow in the tropical garden of the factory – not to produce the basis for chocolate, but to show visitors how they grow in their natural environment, in the shade of other plants. Visitors will also see the factory floor from a height of four meters, make their own chocolate bar and much more.

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