What’s new in desserts on National Dessert D...

What’s new in desserts on National Dessert Day

October 14 was National Dessert Day (as if we need an excuse to celebrate all things sweet!), so we’re taking a look at the latest dessert news including brand new Gelato Messina Gelato Bars, emergency dessert jars, and DIY cannoli delivery.

Messina’s Gelato Bars

Gelato Messina has branched out, now offering their delicious desserts in supermarkets. On the Messina website they say:

“We never really thought this day would come, but it has, and it’s as exciting for us and it is for you. After partnering with Drumstick last year on four delicious cones, we’re back at it with our mates at Peters, creating three classic gelato bars. The process was long and delicious, combining the product development buffs at Peters and our R&D team having many brainstorming and eating sessions.

“The result is three classic Messina flavour combos, based on what our customers love, filled with a few of our hand-made sauces from Messina HQ.”

The flavours on offer include:

  • Choc Hazelnut Gelato Bar ‐ cocoa gelato, layered with chocolate biscuit and Messina‐made hazelnut sauce, enrobed in hazelnut choc‍
  • Espresso Dulce De Leche Gelato Bar ‐ espresso gelato, biscuit and gooey Messina‐made Dulce de Leche centre, enrobed in a milk choc
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato Bar ‐ lemon infused gelato, biscuit and strawberry sauce, enrobed in pink choc

You’ll find each flavour in packs of four at Coles, Woolworths and independent grocery stores, retailing for $10. Sharing optional.

The Mason Baker’s Emergency Dessert Jars

Break glass in case of emergency! These won’t put out a fire or restart your heart, but they will satisfy your sugar cravings. The Mason Baker, known for its mason-jar desserts is launching an edible art activation across Brisbane where locals can score some free cake in Emergency Cake Boxes across the city. They look like typical fire extinguishers, but behind the glass you’ll find Willis’s signature mason-jar cakes in flavours such as salted caramel, chocolate ganache, and strawberries and cream. Follow The Mason Baker on Instagram for updates.

DIY Cannoli Kits

Melbourne’s Cannoleria by That’s Amore is now delivering DIY cannoli kits to Brisbane in partnership with Co-Lab Pantry. The Sicilian-style cannoli are available in packs of six (or 12 minis) and the essentials – crushed pistachios and icing sugar – are included for the garnish.


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