Delicious, sustainable and creamy new oat milk

Delicious, sustainable and creamy new oat milk

The plant-based movement is huge right now, and when it comes to dairy alternatives oat milk is one of the most sustainable plant milks in the market that’s great for your health and kind to animals too. Rising to this demand, Califia Farms has now made their café favourite Oat Barista Blend available to consumers at home. Made from whole rolled oats, it’s completely unsweetened with no added sugar, gums, dairy or soy. It also has half the amount of natural sugar than other brands and is non-GMO and kosher.

Oat Barista Blend is delicious, creamy and foams perfectly, making it ideal for coffee, hot chocolate, smoothies, on cereal, in baking and more. Available in shelf stable 1L cartons for bakeries and cafes nationally.  Contact Califia Farms Australia for more information. 

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