Macedonian Burek

What do you get when you combine a thin, flaky dough, with delicious fillings like meat, cheese, spinach or potatoes? A mouth-watering burek. In this masterclass Mark Delevski takes us through how to make the traditional Balkan delicacy filled with fresh ricotta cheese.


Mark Delevski at work in his kitchen

About Mark Delevski:

Mark is the heart and soul behind the thriving Liverpool Supreme Bakery. With a remarkable 14 years of expertise, he has become a revered figure in Sydney’s local Balkan communities. Mark’s dedication to crafting the perfect burek, a traditional Balkan pastry with a legacy spanning over 500 years, is evident in every delicious creation.

Having proudly served the Sydney community, Mark has garnered recognition, clinching three local business awards that attest to the excellence of his bakery. His mastery of the burek-making craft, carried out with meticulous hand skills rather than machinery, reflects the culmination of countless hours of practice. Mark’s passion extends beyond his bakery walls, as he shares the joy of burek with cafes across Sydney, contributing to the widespread appreciation of this timeless delicacy.

Mark, affectionately known as “The Burek Guy”, has graced the pages of numerous magazine articles, showcasing his exquisite burek and the rich tradition it represents. With a blend of family values, culinary artistry, and a commitment to preserving Balkan heritage, Mark’s bakery stands as a testament to the enduring allure of handmade, traditional pastries.

Macedonian Burek with Mark Delevski, Liverpool Supreme Bakery


5kg flour
100g salt
50g vegetable shortening
5L water
3kg fresh ricotta cheese
Salt for seasoning
Cottonseed oil

You will need a large table surface to stretch your pastry dough
11-inch round aluminium baking tray


Mixing the dough
Place 5kg flour, 100g salt, 50g vegetable shortening, and 3.5L water in the mixer.

Mix for 10 minutes on a slow setting and 1 minute on a fast setting. Times may vary depending on your mixer.

Cutting the dough
Cut the dough into 250g round balls.

You should have approximately 34 round balls of dough.

Place on a closed, oiled tray.

Rub and submerge all areas of the dough with oil (butter can also be used).

Flatten the dough balls into round, pancake-like shapes.

Cover the dough balls with plastic and let them rest for 15-20 minutes.

Mix the cheese
Place the ricotta in a large bowl.

Adjust the salt and water based on the ricotta’s dryness and saltiness.

Mix the ricotta into a soft paste with a workable consistency.

Stretching the dough
Slightly oil your large table surface all over.

Place one flattened dough ball in the centre. Squash it with the palms of your hands as much as possible without breaking it.

Delicately stretch the pastry with your fingers until it is thin and translucent.

Ensure the dough covers at least 1. m in length and 1m in width. This may be difficult using this technique, but be patient and gentle. Lifting and getting air under the pastry helps.

Fold the stretched dough to create a square, first folding the bottom and top, and then side to side. Make sure the square is about the size of your baking tray.

Grab the square dough and set it aside.

Second layer
Stretch and open a new dough.

Place the square from the previous layer in the middle.

Spread a thin layer of the cheese mix on all parts of the square, including the edges.

Fold the opened pastry on top, covering the previous layer.

Set aside the pastry.

Third layer
Repeat the previous process for the third layer.

Final layer
Repeat the process for the final layer, this time using less cheese.

Give a final rub of oil all over the burek.

Assembling and baking
Oil the baking tray and place the burek into it.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

Place on a wire rack in the middle of the oven.

Bake for 30 minutes, checking for a golden and cooked underside.

Rest for 5 minutes, then cut and serve.

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  1. Leanna Delevski

    12 April

    Spectacular and delicious 😋

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