Sydney bakery’s lamington with a twist

Sydney bakery’s lamington with a twist

Sydney bakery Banksia Bakehouse is celebrating the anniversary of the humble lamington by recreating the cake with a special twist.

This year marks the 120th anniversary of a leading Australian culinary icon (an enduring cake shop favourite) – the lamington. And Banksia Bakehouse is celebrating with a new baked sensation: a cube-shaped Lamington Croissant.

The new Banksia Bakehouse creation was several months in the making, with the pastry team combining patience, trial and error – and a special type of cake mould – to create the perfect result.

“We use the same technique as we use to make our other croissants, but this one is cut into different shapes with thicker layers,” explains Banksia Bakehouse’s Chris Sheldrick.

Banksia Bakehouse’s cube Lamington Croissant is then coated in dark chocolate and shredded coconut and filled with a dark chocolate coconut ganache and Drunken Sailor Strawberry Rose jam centre.

“We wanted a unique interpretation of the croissant with a distinct Australian twist,” says Sheldrick.

“Since we opened in August 2020, we have created many special croissants using native Australian ingredients, which have been very popular. However, for this one we wanted something that was truly iconic. People said we needed to think outside the box to come up with something new – but for this lamington we realised we needed to think inside the box!

“Some say French-born chef Armand Galland, who worked for Queensland Governor, Lord Lamington (after whom the cake is named), created the first lamington. So, what better way to pay homage to both the French creator and the cake’s namesake than with a fusion-style French croissant and an Aussie lamington.”

Banksia Bakehouse initially planned to save this special croissant for when international tourists returned to Australia, but as that’s still in the distance they decided to launch it for domestic tourists and for those rediscovering their own city.

The cube Lamington Croissant is available from Monday to Friday at Banksia Bakehouse Grosvenor Place, 225 George Street, Sydney.

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