Setting The Tone For Change

In an effort to appeal directly to bakery and pâtisserie owners and operators, Europain was centred on trend-themed itineraries, with products and demonstrations revolving around seven key consumer wants.

“Trends are the driving force behind our business. Trends inspire and change constantly in step with consumers’ expectations,” a representative for Europain told Australian Baking Business.

“In preparation for the exhibition, Europain and Intersuc analysed the major challenges facing the sector and produced specific forecasts for today and tomorrow. These trends reflect the concerns of players in the

baking and pastry-making world and, at the same time, provide pragmatic answers to questions such as how to keep businesses profitable and adapt to consumers’ new requirements.”


Conversations surrounding this trend related to breaking down the barriers between baking, pastry-making, fast food and general food service. Consumers want to eat quickly, whether on the spot or on-the-go, at any time of the day. The distinction between bakeries, pastry shops and fast food outlets has therefore vanished. And, as a result, consumers gravitate towards retailers where they can buy and consume at the right price.

Europain identified bakeries and pastry shops can meet this demand by considering the following:

• Products: Sweet and savoury products that are easy to carry, in smaller portions, with ingredients that are quick and easy to prepare or suited to advanced preparation.

• Equipment: Adaptable equipment for daytime and evening crowds, with variable capacities and volumes. There is a clear preference towards ultra-fast reheating equipment and low-consumption equipment, particularly in regions with rising electricity costs.

• Shop layout: Fitouts needs to consider eat-in consumers and self-service outlets. Bakery owners are opting for compact furniture that combines astute merchandising and technical capabilities.

• Takeaway packaging: Packaging that can be stacked and fitted together for on-the-go consumers.

• Services: Flexible signage and new technologies for personalising relations with customers, such as smartphone/tablet ordering and seating functionality.


Consumers are increasingly conscious of their health and wellbeing. As a result, they are looking for fresh, nutritious, safe and simple products at bakeries.

Master chocolatier at Chocolaterie de Puyricard in Marseille, Tanguy Roelandts, said the entire profession is revisiting old standards and coming up with unusual, products that don’t give consumers a guilty conscience.

“Eating is not a neutral act,” he said.

“The concept of ‘indulging within reason’ is the result of people being increasingly aware a product must be tasty without representing a risk for their health.”

Rather than posing a challenge to the international baking sector, Mr Roelandts said changing consumer attitudes should act as an incentive for bakers, pastry chefs and chocolate-makers to be even more creative – for example, through the advancement of low-sodium bread, whole grain pastries and natural sugar alternatives.

Europain highlighted several ranges of products that address consumer health concerns, including those that highlight organic, locally-sourced and fresh ingredients.

Experts at the show also acknowledged today’s consumers are responding particularly well to display cases and packaging that presents the product as environmetnally-friendly and ‘clean’ – for example, bread packaging made from natural, recyclable materials.


Baking and pastry classics are now being revisited in easy-to-carry, miniature, individual and/or lighter versions.

Textures are lighter (mousses and foams are on-trend) and formats are shrinking – mini-cakes, verrines and morsel-sized portions are now common.


Visit any good bakery today and you’ll find loaves to suit a number of occasions, with colours, shapes, flavours and smells changing with every season.

While design has long been a standard feature of bread, pastry and chocoalte, limited edition collections are new way of enticing today’s increasingly impulsive customers, who are constantly on the lookout for new culinary sensations.


Products that are easier to cut up, work with and use as decoration enable professionals to adapt their timetables as they wish and to improve their efficiency.


Whiteness, texture and coloured crusts; innovations now respond to the demands of consumers looking for healthier or gluten-free products. “Free-from” and “clean label” products have a bright future in stores, globally.


Lunch breaks have shrunk from 90 minutes to roughly 20 minutes and, as a result, bakeries’ rapport with customers is changing. Consumers want to both eat and relax in a very short space of time, while staying connected, meaning compact table settings and wi-fi connectivity is becoming increasingly sought after.

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