Salt Reduction Welcomed By Consumers

Salt Reduction Welcomed By Consumers

A Brisbane baker has taken the city’s health into his own hands by reducing the sodium content in all products by at least 30 per cent.

Assuring customers there is no difference in taste, Uncle Bobs Bakery owner Brett Noy said 30 per cent of the sodium chloride has been substituted with potassium chloride in all bread, pastries, pies and cakes.

“Baked foods need salt because it not only adds taste, but it also plays an important role in yeast control and gluten modification,” Brett said.

“However, as a society we’re eating far too much salt and in terms of a healthy and practical replacement for salt, potassium chloride ticks all the boxes.”

The bakery worked with Nu-Tek Salt to incorporate potassium chloride and retain the taste of salt.

“You cannot tell the difference,” Brett said.

“There is no chemical change, simply a change in the processing that allows it to work.”

According to the World health Organisation, the average daily intake of sodium among Australians is almost 3500mg, far above the recommended intake, which is currently 2300mg.

Brett, who has represented australia internationally at prestigious baking competitions, has hailed the move as “a landmark moment that will change baking in Australia forever”.

“In the past, reducing sodium would have changed the taste of the products and, at Uncle Bobs, we won’t alter the taste of the products that have won us more than 1000 awards,” he said.

“We want to see a change in the greater baking community and we encourage other bakers to make the change as well.”

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