Quarantine baking fails provide a laugh during cri...

Quarantine baking fails provide a laugh during crisis

Dear professional bakers, the regular folk are not okay. You see, it isn’t only hair stylists who need to worry about what their clients are getting up to in isolation with bored and idle hands, as more and more people turn to baking as a source of comfort. Fortunately all is not lost, as these (hopefully one time only) home bakers have shared their quarantine baking fails for a laugh during this time of crisis.

Twitter user @LibyaLiberty started a chain reaction when she posted her attempt to bake banana bread, opening the floodgates for others to share their isolation shame.

“This is what it looks like. And it looks, and I can’t stress this enough, better than it tastes,” she wrote in a follow up.

“Imagine wet play dough but banana flavored and inexplicably sour.”

A lesson was learned though, as someone was able to advise where @LibyaLiberty went wrong with the banana bread – confusing baking soda and baking powder!

Another user replied with their own attempt to make Easter bunny shaped cookies, and we just don’t believe Jesus rose to be confronted with… this.

Or this abysmal “normal bread” that somehow looks like a sprouting potato AND a human heart all at once.

It might be advisable to start simple when learning a new skill, as this novice baker learned when going all in and giving a braided, circular, multi-flavoured yeast bread a red hot go.

“Sasquatch feces” probably isn’t going to be winning any prizes at the local fair, that’s for sure.

And then there’s this “red velvet cake” which looks more like something you might see in an operating theatre following a bad motor vehicle accident:

And while Easter might not have been as festive this year without family and friends visiting, Instagrammer @ginger.wildflower wasn’t going to let a little global pandemic stop her from making a beautiful lamb cake to celebrate.

On the bright side, at least bakers don’t need to be worried about being made redundant during lockdown.

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