Pester power pays off with second Textbook Patisse...

Pester power pays off with second Textbook Patisserie

Here’s a team that proves pester power pays off! Clint Turland of The Depot Café Bondi and John Ralley of Textbook Patisserie have teamed up to open a revamped The Depot, which includes a second Textbook Patisserie onsite.

The pair shared a happy snap on Instagram, sharing that it was Turland’s long-term vision to open a café/restaurant with an artisan bakery onsite, and he had been pestering Ralley for years to get involved.

That vision came to fruition on June 15 when the new location officially opened at 132 Warners Avenue, Bondi—just 300 metres from Depot’s original café on Campbell Parade.

Formerly occupied by Jackie’s Café and opposite Raw Bar, Depot and Textbook’s new home features a wide corner frontage.

The decision was spurred on when Depot’s Campbell Parade lease was terminated after 13 years, forcing the café to close in September. Over summer, they ran a popup opposite the nearby North Bondi Surf Club.

John Ralley is famous for his flair and creativity when it comes to reinventing classic bakery items, and always has something new to share—whether it’s a new croissant flavour like this past weekend’s black truffle, or a giant Mille-feuille for charity.

You can find his recipe for Pearl Milk Tea Croissants here.

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