The Aussie bakers bringing joy to health workers

The Aussie bakers bringing joy to health workers

While the world is in crisis mode, it’s heartwarming to hear stories of people helping others in the community in any way they can, including these Aussie bakers who are bringing joy to the healthcare workers who are risking their own lives everyday to care for others.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging to many businesses, including ones considered essential services which have been allowed to remain open. Owner of Violet & Salt Cake Artistry, Alaina Marie, saw the struggles local business owners and workers were facing everyday, and knew from working in healthcare herself that doctors and nurses would be struggling too.

“I did a big bake and dropped it off to my locals in South Yarra, and I’m doing a big bake in the next couple of days and looking at on Sunday dropping it off to the doctors and nurses in the ER at the Alfred and the Royal Melbourne Hospital,” Alaina said when we spoke with her last week.


“Every single day I’d see the guys in the butchers, the bakeries, the shopping centres, the grocery stores, the cafes, they turn up, and they’re struggling, and the look on their faces,” she said.

“They’re not getting the sales that are coming through and working double shifts because they’ve had to let half their staff go because either they don’t want to come in or they’re sick or they’ve had to stand them down. So the skeleton staff that are on currently are working double shifts and they’re so exhausted, and not to mention, they’re still turning up and staying open for the rest of the public and risking their health, so I just wanted them to know that someone is thinking about them and such a small thing goes such a long way.

“I’m spreading love one dessert at a time.”


True to her word, Alaina prepared 200 desserts and dropped them to the two emergency departments on Sunday, April 19.

“I wanted to personally thank each of them for turning up to work and risking their health for the public,” she said.

“They work extremely hard and are under the pump at present so I felt it was important to care for them the way I know how. I left each ER with a full heart and on an all time high.”

Alaina isn’t alone in boosting morale through sweets either. We also heard from Stacey Tingley, who runs a home business Caked By Stace in Perth. Despite being busy with homeschooling her children, on April 9, Stacey dropped two boxed of beautiful cupcakes off at the ED at Sir Charlie Gairdner Hospital to “bring a smile smile amongst the chaos.”

“They were really, really happy and I got lots of good feedback that it made their day and they were really grateful for the support,” she said.

“I took in a couple of boxes of cupcakes, and I had posted in my (Instagram) stories if anyone else would feel like jumping on the wagon, and my florist gifted one of her posies as well.”


Newly opened Mica Brasserie in Brisbane is also offering free coffee and pastry to frontline healthcare workers this month in a show of support and appreciation.

“Simply turn up in your uniform or present your frontline healthcare ID to our team and allow us to take care of you,” they said.

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